Building an AI Document Chatbot Using Flowise, ChatGPT OpenAI & Pinecone

July 4, 2023 | | AI, LLM, Machine Learning |

If you need to quickly build a prototype using a customized LLM flow, you can use this nice open UI visual tool called Flowise and it’s open source. It offers a builin templates that .

Requirements for this:

  • OpenAI Api key (Free but credit card required)
  • Pinecone API key (Free no credit card required)

After cloning, installing and running Flowise you will see an interface like this:

FlowiseAI UI

Head to Marketplaces and choose Conversational Retrieval QA Chain template. Then save as Chatbot and get ready to paste your OpenAI keys into the 2 modals and Pinecone API key as well with it’s environment “us-west4-gcp”.

FlowiseAI UI tool drag and drop

You need to create an index in Pinecone with a name and importantly the dimensions of 1536, number that OpenAI uses with their embeddings.

For this template you can upload a text file with some context about your product or project, like a README file. I decided to replace the document loader input (Text File) for a Github repository ( and reconnected the text and document inputs. That’s it. You can expand the chatbot in the top right side and start interacting with your model.

How to setup please?

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