Using CrewAI agents to plan my next trip.

February 8, 2024 | | AI, LLM |

After stumbling across an article about using agents to check for new mails, analyze and filter them, do research and respond them, wait… respond not yet but instead create drafts – I found this open-source project lead but João Moura – crewAI and decided to give it a spin and use their travel agents to plan for an upcoming vacation to Japan.

Easy setup, added my Open AI API key, created an account at Serper (Google Search API), open my terminal and ran the python script. Voilá, here is the impressive result:

] Finished chain.

[Amazing Travel Concierge] Task output: Here’s your detailed 7-day itinerary for Tokyo:

**Day 1:**

– Arrival in Tokyo. Check into your chosen hotel and rest to adjust to the time difference.

– Visit Senso-ji Temple in the afternoon. This is an ancient Buddhist temple and one of Tokyo’s most colorful and popular temples.

– Dinner at Kura. Enjoy well-made sushi at a reasonable price.

**Day 2:**

– Visit Meiji Jingu Shrine in the morning. This shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken.

– Have lunch at Yakitori Alley. Experience the vibrant Tokyo street food scene.

– In the afternoon, visit Yasukuni-jinja Shrine. This Shinto shrine commemorates Japan’s war dead.

– Dinner at Kichijojikko Izakaya Toriton. Enjoy a variety of delicious Japanese dishes.

**Day 3:**

– Visit Zenkoku-ji Temple in the morning. This temple is known for its large, striking statue of the Buddhist deity Bishamonten.

– Lunch at Kanda Matsuya. Savor some of the best soba noodles in Tokyo.

– In the afternoon, visit Nezu Shrine. This shrine’s beautiful, tranquil grounds are one of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets.

– Dinner at Anmitsu Mihashi. Try anmitsu, a traditional Japanese dessert.

**Day 4:**

– Visit Tennoji Temple in the morning. This temple is home to Tokyo’s oldest pagoda.

– Lunch at Fureika. Enjoy Chinese cuisine in a fine dining setting.

– In the afternoon, visit Kanda Shrine. This shrine is known for its festival, one of Tokyo’s three major Shinto festivals.

– Dinner at Burger Revolution Tokyo. Experience a Japanese take on the classic burger.

**Day 5:**

– Explore local markets and shopping areas. Don’t miss out on the unique souvenirs and local products.

– Have lunch at a local street food vendor. Try some takoyaki or okonomiyaki.

– Have dinner at Soul Food House. Satisfy your cravings for Southern American cuisine in the heart of Tokyo.

**Day 6:**

– Take a day trip to the nearby city Yokohama (just a train ride away). Explore the city’s vibrant Chinatown and beautiful harbor.

– Dinner in Yokohama. Try some of the local seafood dishes.

**Day 7:**

– Last day for souvenir shopping and personal exploration.

– Departure in the evening.

**Packing suggestions:**

April is springtime in Tokyo; the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Pack a mix of light layers that can be added or removed as necessary. Include a light jacket and a raincoat just in case. Comfortable walking shoes are a must as you’ll do a lot of walking.

**Budget breakdown (approximate):**

– Flight: $671.5 (average cost of round-trip flight from San Diego to Tokyo)

– Accommodation: $294 (average cost of $42 per night for 7 nights)

– Food: $210 (estimated $30 per day for 7 days)

– Total: $1175.5

Please note, these are rough estimates and actual costs may vary. It’s always better to plan for additional expenses such as souvenirs, transportation within the city, and any entrance fees to attractions. Enjoy your trip!

Next steps? I think it would be nice to add some images for the suggested places, integration with Google Maps, add this trip to Kayak to monitor prices, book my tickets, share with my travelers… more ideas?

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